Predictions 18 – 20.11.2023

Israel vs Romania | Euro – Qualifiers

18/11/2023 19:45

Prediction: 1-1

In the Euro 2024 qualifying process, Romania has emerged as one of the surprises. Not necessarily for being in contention for access to the German tournament, but rather for holding their ground against Switzerland, widely considered the favorites to dominate the group. With just two games remaining, Romania finds itself at the top of the table, on equal merit with Switzerland, and the dream of claiming the first spot is within reach. However, before entertaining thoughts of securing the top position, they must first navigate past Israel, a team that hasn’t given up hope.

In a recent match, the Israelis halted Switzerland’s draw in injury time, displaying their determination. Despite this, Romania, if they choose, could be content with a draw to definitively eliminate their opponents.

At present, Romania sits atop the standings with sixteen points, a four-point advantage over Israel, and two games left to play. A draw in this direct clash would create an insurmountable four-point gap, with only one match remaining for both teams. Notably, Romania has distinguished itself in this qualifying campaign for its well-organized defense. The Romanian backline has conceded only four goals in the eight matches played so far, including two against Switzerland. Impressively, Romania has kept five clean sheets out of a total of eight matches, highlighting their defensive solidity.


Switzerland vs Kosovo | Euro – Qualifiers

18/11/2023 19:45

Prediction: 2-1

Switzerland is treading on thin ice as they navigate the Euro 2024 qualifiers. Despite being in a group that may not be deemed formidable, the Swiss find themselves two rounds away from the conclusion of the qualifiers without a guaranteed spot in the German tournament. Romania and Israel, seemingly inferior on paper, have kept the group dynamic alive, with Switzerland currently sharing the leadership with Romania. In their last match against Israel, Switzerland had a match point but squandered it, settling for a draw that confirmed their first-place position but kept Israeli hopes alive (currently third in the standings, four points adrift with two games in hand). The final round will see Switzerland facing Romania, currently tied for first place.

In the recent injury-time encounter last Tuesday, Switzerland could only manage a 1-1 draw against Israel on neutral ground. This draw marks the Swiss team’s fourth in the last five qualifying matches, with the lone victory secured against the less formidable Andorra at home (final result 3-0).

On the flip side, Kosovo enters the fixture on the back of two consecutive victories, including a recent triumph against Israel. In their last outing against Israel at home, the Kosovars secured a 1-0 win, and in the preceding match, they emerged victorious on Andorran soil with a commanding 3-0 scoreline.


Netherlands vs Ireland | Euro – Qualifiers

18/11/2023 19:45

Prediction: 2-1

The Netherlands finds themselves on the cusp of Euro 2024 qualification, yet the challenge remains formidable as they strive to shake off a determined Greece. The last hurdle is to secure a victory against Ireland, a win that would guarantee their entry into the European Championships without further complications. Ireland, on the other hand, faces a disappointing qualification process, finding themselves in the penultimate position in Group B. Their aspirations for a more promising outcome have fallen short.

The upcoming match against Ireland offers the Netherlands an opportunity to solidify their position, considering their dominant performance in these qualifiers. With the exception of France, no other team has posed significant challenges to the Orange. In the six qualifying matches played so far, the Netherlands endured two defeats against France but secured four victories, including a crucial win on Greek soil that brought them level with Greece in the standings. Both teams currently have twelve points, but Greece has only one match remaining (against France).

In contrast, Ireland has faced a series of defeats in this qualification process, with their only victories coming in the two matches against Gibraltar.