10 of the most corrupt sports events in history

In the world of sports, there have been times when dishonesty and manipulation have undermined the fairness of contests. These incidents—tainted by cheating and dishonesty—have a lasting effect on sports. In this post, we’ll look at the top ten sports history incidents that were most obviously fixed. These events, from contentious occurrences to scandalous revelations, have rocked the foundation of fair play.

  1. Bloodgate

During the second half of the 2009 European Rugby Champions Cup, the Harlequins faced a challenging situation. Trailing behind with limited substitutions left, they found an opportunity to turn the tide. Tom Williams, a player for the Harlequins, was instructed to fake an injury using a blood capsule. This orchestrated act allowed the team to send in another player, giving them an unfair advantage. However, their deceit was eventually exposed, resulting in temporary suspensions for Williams and other Harlequin officials.

  1. 2002 Winter Olympics Figure Skating Scandal

In the figure skating pairs event at the 2002 Winter Olympics, Jamie Saleh and David Pelche of Canada delivered a breathtaking performance. They seemed destined for gold, but to everyone’s surprise, Russia’s Elena Barishnaya and Anton Sikharulidze claimed the top spot. An investigation later revealed that one of the judges had been coerced to give a higher score to the Russian skaters. This scandal tarnished the sport and led to temporary suspensions for those involved.

  1. Roy Jones Jr. Gold Medal Robbery

At the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Roy Jones Jr., a legendary boxer, faced Park Si-hun of Korea. Jones dominated the match, but when the winner was announced, it was Si-hun who had his hand raised. Allegations emerged, suggesting that the Korean boxing authorities had bribed judges to vote in their favor. Despite the controversy, the result stood, leaving a sour taste in the world of boxing.

  1. Crash Gate

Nelson Piquet Jr. intentionally crashed during the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, giving Fernando Alonso the chance to win the race. Contrary to what was previously believed to be an accident, Piquet Jr. revealed the truth after leaving the team, showing that the crash was a planned action under the direction of the team’s principal and engineer. Serious repercussions from the affair include suspensions and canceled sponsorships.

  1. Houston Astros World Series Win

In 2017, the Houston Astros won the World Series, but their triumph was tainted by cheating. The team used unauthorized electronic equipment to decode and relay signs made by opposing team catchers during games. This unfair advantage was achieved by banging on a trash can to signal different pitches. The scandal came to light in 2019, leading to significant penalties for the Astros, including fines, draft pick forfeitures, and the firing of their manager and general manager.

  1. Pakistan Cricket Spot-Fixing Scandal

In 2010, a journalist undercover exposed a major cricket scandal. The investigation revealed that certain players from Pakistan, including the captain Salman Butt and players Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir, had accepted bribes to perform specific actions during matches. This scandal rocked the cricketing world, resulting in bans for the players involved, arrests of individuals in the gambling syndicate, and a tarnished reputation for the sport.

  1. Disgrace of Gijón

In a group game at the 1982 World Cup, West Germany played Austria. Because of the tournament’s rules, if West Germany won by one or two goals, both teams would go to the elimination phase. The game appeared strange after an early goal as West Germany and Austria passed the ball amongst themselves without putting in any real effort. There were allegations that the game had been manipulated, but FIFA’s investigation turned up no violations.

  1. European Football Match-Fixing Scandal

In 2009, a match-fixing ring involving over 200 individuals, including players, coaches, referees, and officials, was exposed. Approximately 200 football matches across Europe, including games in the Champions League and Europa League, were either fixed or targeted for fixing. Raids and arrests were made across multiple countries, making it one of the largest instances of match-fixing in European football history.

  1. Calciopoli

In 2006, a scandal rocked the world of Italian football, revealing the unsavory involvement of top officials from multiple teams and referee organizations in manipulating the selection of referees for specific matches. Juventus, the reigning champions of Serie A, were found guilty, leading to the revocation of their titles and their demotion to Serie B. AC Milan, Lazio, Reggina, and Fiorentina were among the teams that faced severe consequences, such as point deductions and competition expulsions.

  1. Chicago Black Sox

The 1919 World Series saw the heavily favored Chicago White Sox lose to the Cincinnati Reds in a shocking turn of events. It was later revealed that eight players on the White Sox had conspired with gamblers to intentionally throw the series in exchange for financial gain. Despite their acquittal in court, all eight players were banned for life from professional baseball, leaving a lasting scar on America’s national pastime.


These are the most scandalous events in sports history that have left a permanent imprint on the credibility of various sports. Instances of force, fraud, and dishonesty have not only damaged the images of the individuals implicated but have also cast doubt on the very principles of equitable competition.