Summer starts with a new adventure accompanied by the popular world-class slots. Play in qualified games with 50 LRD each bet, giving you 1 point every time to reach the top of the leaderboard. Participating in the marathon will grant you a Cash Prize of up to 20,000 LRD or up to 800 LRD FreeBet in Aviator. 

Play qualified games

Bet above 50 LRD. Every 50 LRD = 1 point

Gain more points & WIN

Superb Slot Marathon

Terms & Conditions
  1. Fido’s Technologies Inc. (“StarBet’’ or ‘’Company”) provides this promotion with the understanding that you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions.
  2. This promotion is available for all registered customers from eligible country [Liberia] from 03.06.24 (00:01 GMT) to 13.06.24 (23:59 GMT).
  3. The minimum bet amount required to qualify for the promotion is: 50 LRD. Only one participation to the promotion per user.
  4. Bets must be made exclusively in qualified games.
  5. The qualified games are the following: Sevens & Fruits: 20 lines, Burning Fortunator, Green Hat Magic, infernofireballs, Lucky Fruit Spins Bonus Buy, 9 Coins, Asia Wins, Crown and Diamonds: Hold and Win, Sizzling Super Sevens, Moon of Ra.
  6. Prize list distribution:
Place Prize
1st place 20,000 LRD Cash prize
2nd place 7,400 LRD Cash prize
3rd place 5,000 LRD Cash prize
4th – 50th place 800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
  1. Users can track their own points individually or view the leaderboard.
  2. The points system depends on the participant’s total bet amount, which a minimum of 50 LRD required. A 50 LRD bet earns you 1 point. For example, a 150 LRD bet earns 3 points. Each new bet over 50 LRD will be converted to points and added to the total.
  3. The prize winners will be determined and announced based on the highest total points within 72 hours after the promotion ends.
  4. FreeBet Bonus or Cash prize will be credited to customer’s account within 72 hours after the promotion ends, provided that all participation requirements have been met.
  5. Winners can use their FreeBet Bonus only in Aviator game within 7 days after they are notified.
  6. Notification of winning status will be conveyed to the winners via phone (or SMS) using the contact information registered in the participant’s account. In the event that we are unable to reach the participant within 72 hours after the conclusion of the promotion, the awarded prize will be forfeited and may be transferred to another winner based on their total points on the leaderboard.
  7. The awarded prize must be claimed within 5 working days following the announcement; otherwise, it will be void.
  8. The Prize winner agrees to be photographed with the respective prize as part of the agreement between the winner and the company.
  9. By participating in this promotion, you explicitly consent to the posting of your photo with the prize for the company’s marketing purposes.
  10. The company is not accountable for any additional expenses beyond the prize itself, such as travel costs, insurance, licensing fees, transfer fees, etc. These costs are the solely the responsibility of the winner.
  11. This promotion may be terminated at the Company’s discretion at any time.
  12. Company reserves the right to amend, cancel, or renew the terms of the promotion or refuse participation without prior notice. Changes to the terms and conditions will be effective immediately upon their posting on our website. It is your responsibility to review these terms and conditions periodically for any changes.
  13. Company retains the right to review customer transaction records and logs for any reason. In the event that such a review reveals a customer’s participation in a strategy that the Company, at its sole discretion, deems to be unfair, Company reserves the following rights:
    1. Revoking the entitlement of such customers to the promotion.
    2. Cancelling any associated winnings.
  14. All relevant general Gaming rules of the Company apply to this promotion.

Winners’ Leaderboard

114651720,000 LRD Cash prize
21285667,400 LRD Cash prize
32021825,000 LRD Cash prize
4135048800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
580218800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
692456800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
7141516800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
8190126800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
9202356800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
10156955800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
11124051800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
12110873800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
13122293800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
14165382800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
15121661800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
1695643800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
17163434800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
18158569800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
1991036800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
20132885800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
21157857800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
22208171800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
23157676800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
24179514800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
25207531800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
26203595800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
27130115800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
28121156800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
29175355800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
30120729800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
31210148800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
32198053800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
33200693800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
34197818800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
3580283800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
36202521800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
37100650800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
38157773800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
39130290800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
40181688800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
41189218800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
42207855800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
43120227800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
44125291800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
45209124800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
4693941800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
47205251800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
4893632800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
49122823800 LRD Aviator FreeBet
50202760800 LRD Aviator FreeBet

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