Get ready to experience the thrill of Free2Win!

Free2Win offers you a chance to showcase your knowledge and prediction skills in an exciting gaming competition. Each round is loaded with questions based on upcoming events, presented in a card format.

Free2Win - Answer 8 Questions correctly and win 650,000 LRD!

🏆 Prepare to dive into the exhilarating world of Free2Win! Free2Win is a predictor game, based around sport events. Every day you will find a new game to play. Make your picks, wait for the events to finish and check how you did.

🤔 Choose your answers from multiple-choice options, manual input, or correct score formats. Your choices will determine your destiny in the game!

🕑 Remember, you must answer all questions in order to access the game confirmation screen. Once you’ve made your picks, confirm them by swiping the card to the right. Your entry will be locked in for that round.

💰 The jackpot prize is up for grabs, and it’s yours if you can correctly predict all the answers. In case of multiple winners, the prize is split, but sometimes, a thrilling tiebreaker may decide the sole victor.

🤷‍♂️ We’ve got rules for every scenario, ensuring a fair and transparent competition. Plus, there’s a leaderboard to track your progress and compete against others.

🌟 “Free2Win” offers the perfect blend of strategy, knowledge, and excitement – and the best part? It’s completely FREE to play! Do you have what it takes to conquer the game and claim the ultimate prize without spending a dime? Join the competition now and play your way to victory!

What prizes can I win?

Your prize depends on the number of correct predictions you will make. Predict all of them correctly to win the Jackpot of 650,000 LRD!

8/8 Questions 650,000 LRD
7/8 Questions 75,000 LRD
6/8 Questions 2,500 LRD FreeBet each winner
5/8 Questions 1,200 LRD FreeBet each winner
4/8 Questions 160 LRD FreeBet each winner