Ready to take off? Aviator Giveaway is a joyful event at StarBet. Any winning bet in this game will be counted in points. More you win the higher rate you earn at the leaderboard. Get a chance to win a share from 18,000 LRD Prize Pool. Good luck!

Place minimum bet 20 LRD. Every 20 LRD = 1 point
Gain more points & WIN a share. Total Prize Pool is 18,000 LRD

The leaderboard will be shared after the promotion period ends.
Prize pool table:
1st place – 5,000 LRD Cash
2nd place – 3,500 LRD Cash
3rd place – 2,500 LRD Cash
4th place – 1,800 LRD Cash
5th place – 1,500 LRD Cash
6th place – 600 LRD Cash
7th place – 400 LRD Cash
8th place – 300 LRD Cash
9th – 20th place – 200 LRD Cash

General Terms and Conditions:
1. Promotion takes place 08.02.24 (00:01 GMT) – 14.02.24 (23:59 GMT).
2. All registered customers are eligible to participate.
3. All bets are only considered in “Aviator” game.
4. Total Prize Pool amount is 18,000 LRD in cash, which is divided in 10 winners, according to the Prize Pool table above.
5. The minimum bet to participate is 20 LRD.
6. Participation mechanic: every bet of 20 LRD is 1 point, 40 LRD is 2 points etc. For example, you have placed bets in total of 400 LRD, you earn 20 points.
7. Winners will be announced according to the total count of points after the end of the promotion period.
8. If several Participants gain the same number of points during the process of calculating the promotion’s results, a higher position in the ranking is given to the Participant who scored first.
9. Prizes will be credited to winners’ accounts during the next 72 hours after the promotion ends according to the leaderboard.
10. This offer can be stopped at any time at the company’s discretion.
11. StarBet has the right to amend the terms of the offer, cancel or renew the offer, or refuse participation at any time without prior notice.
12. StarBet reserves the right to review customers’ transaction records and logs for any reason. If, upon such review, it appears that a customer is participating in a strategy that StarBet at its sole discretion deems to be unfair, StarBet reserves the right to revoke the entitlement of such customers to the promotion and cancel their winnings
13. All our relevant general Gaming rules apply.

The Winners’ leaderboard for 08.02.24 – 14.02.24 :

1157943389615,000 LRD
2119975106253,500  LRD
3157752376532,500 LRD
411677835421,800 LRD
515491247191,500 LRD
67080814672600 LRD
71522582670400 LRD
81006525557300 LRD
91210392810200 LRD
101575153237200 LRD
111154081642200 LRD
121537002784200 LRD
131559677233200 LRD
141418671967200 LRD
151280946066200 LRD
161579389711200 LRD
171565632046200 LRD
181400116317200 LRD
19926469665200 LRD
201533865355200 LRD

Congratulations to our winners!

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