The NFL’s Commanders sold for 5.5 billion euros, making them the most expensive club in history

The NFL's Commanders sold for 5.5 billion euros, making them the most expensive club in history

The Washington Commanders, previously known as the Redskins, have recently experienced a remarkable transformation that has captivated the world of sports. This historic change includes the sale of the team by the controversial former owner, Dan Snyder, and the introduction of a new ownership group led by Josh Harris. Not only has this sale shattered previous records in sports, but it has also sparked a fresh chapter for the team under a new name. Let’s delve into the details of this groundbreaking acquisition and the implications it holds for the Washington Commanders.

  1. A Change in Ownership:

Dan Snyder’s tenure as the owner of the Washington Commanders was marred by numerous controversies and investigations. However, a new era dawned when Snyder sold the team to an ownership group helmed by Josh Harris, a well-known figure in the sports industry. Harris, recognized as the majority owner of the Philadelphia 76ers (NBA) and the New Jersey Devils (NHL), brings a wealth of experience and business acumen to the Commanders.

  1. The Ownership Group:

Josh Harris leads an illustrious ownership group that includes notable individuals such as Mitchell Rayles, David Blitzer (co-owner of Crystal Palace), and Magic Johnson (former Los Angeles Lakers star). Alongside these prominent figures, several small investors have also joined forces to acquire the Commanders. This diverse ownership structure ensures a rich blend of expertise and resources for the team.

  1. A Record-Breaking Sale:

The sale of the Washington Commanders commanded global attention, primarily due to the staggering price tag attached to it. The ownership group acquired the team for a groundbreaking sum of 6.05 billion dollars, translating to approximately 5.555 billion euros. This transaction establishes the Washington Commanders as the most expensive team in the history of world sports, surpassing the previous record set by the Denver Broncos.





  1. Comparing the Sale Prices:

To grasp the magnitude of this record-breaking sale, let’s compare it to other notable sports team acquisitions. In the summer prior to the Commanders’ sale, the Denver Broncos were sold for 4.27 billion euros, setting a benchmark in American football. For further context, Chelsea FC, a renowned English football club, was purchased by Tod Boehli a year earlier for 2.93 billion euros. The sale of the Washington Commanders dwarfs these figures, solidifying its place in sports business history.

  1. Potential for Breaking the Record:

While the sale of the Washington Commanders has achieved an extraordinary milestone, the record for the most expensive team sale may soon be surpassed. The Glazer family’s potential sale of Manchester United has drawn significant attention, with an asking price of 6.3 billion dollars. As it stands, the highest bid for the renowned English football club is 4.74 billion euros, indicating the possibility of another groundbreaking sale.

  1. Lucrative Return for Dan Snyder:

Despite the controversies surrounding Dan Snyder’s ownership of the Washington Commanders, the sale represents a highly profitable venture for him and his wife, Tania. They acquired the club in 1999 for a modest sum of 750 million dollars, which, when adjusted for inflation, amounts to approximately 387 million euros. The substantial profit earned from the sale highlights the tremendous growth of the franchise under Snyder’s ownership.


The acquisition of the Washington Commanders by Josh Harris and his ownership group signifies a monumental moment in sports business history. The team’s sale for a record-breaking amount of 6.05 billion dollars not only solidifies its status as the most expensive team ever sold but also demonstrates the immense value and potential in the world of professional sports. As the Washington Commanders embark on a new chapter.