The new list of the world’s ten highest-paid players!

With the transfer to Al-Nassr, Cristiano Ronaldo becomes, by detachment, not only the highest-paid player in the world but also the athlete who earns the most from his seasonal contract.

The 189 million that the Saudi team offered him allows him to easily overtake even the stars of sports made in the USA, with LeBron James slightly exceeding the 100 million emoluments from the Lakers. When compared to colleagues, the gap is enormous: the five-time Ballon d’Or winner will earn twice as much as the runner-up in the standings in Saudi Arabia, and nearly ten times as much as those in the top ten…

  • The podium belongs to Ronaldo, Mbappè, and Messi.
  • Positions are being gained by Neymar, Salah, and Halland.
  • Lewa is overpaid by Barca, and Real has the Hazard problem.
  • Iniesta and KDB round out the Top Ten.

The podium belongs to Ronaldo, Mbappè, and Messi.

The number two on the list is, in fact, Kylian Mbappé. The Frenchman, strengthened by an expiring contract, has definitely forced his hand with Paris Saint-Germain. In order to keep him under the Eiffel Tower, the club in the French capital had to make a considerable economic effort, making him sign a three-year contract that brings the remarkable sum of 104 million euros per season into the pockets of the transalpine.

The great rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi completes the top three. La Pulce’s income didn’t change much when he moved from “his” Barcelona to PSG. The French club offered him a contract very similar to the one that created so many budgetary problems for the Blaugrana. The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner in the Ville Lumiere earns 61.5 million euros a season.

Positions are being gained by Neymar, Salah, and Halland.

Out of the top three, and this is quite newsworthy, the last of the PSG golden trio. In 2021, after a long back and forth with the club, Neymar renewed his contract until 2026 (with the option to make it last even another year longer), increasing his salary. For the Brazilian, bought from Barcelona in 2017 for 222 million euros, the new agreement speaks of 52 million euros per season.

The others then appear, starting with another player who recently renewed his contract. In July 2022, Mohamed Salah announced that he would remain at Liverpool until 2025. The figures of the agreement are very important because the former Roma player has put his signature on a contract that guarantees him 33.2 million euros all year long.

Very similar figures for what is definitely the most important purchase of the 2022 summer market. Erling Haaland didn’t cost Manchester City much, given that the English “only” had to pay 60 million euros to pay the Norwegian’s release clause to Borussia Dortmund.

However, when there was talk of a contract, the figures definitely increased, considering that the former Salzburg center forward, an extraordinary striker for football betting, has signed an agreement until 2027 that allows him to earn 33.1 million euros per season.

  1. Cristiano RONALDO-189M
  2. Kylian MBAPPE-104M
  3. Lionel MESSI-61,5M
  4. NEYMAR Jr-52,0M
  5. Mohamed SALAH-33,2M
  6. Erling HAALAND-33,1M
  7. Robert LEWANDOWSKI-25,6M
  8. Eden HAZARD-25,5M
  9. Andrés INIESTA-23,6M
  10. Kevin de BRUYNE-23,6M

Lewa is overpaid by Barca, and Real has the Hazard problem.

Another fairly recent transfer is that of Robert Lewandowski, who left Bayern Munich to settle in Barcelona for around 50 million euros. And the signing of the Polish center forward is not cheap either for the Blaugranas, who accepted a very important offer that brings in a good 25.6 million euros every season.

There is also room for what can, without any hesitation, be defined as a flop. When in 2019 Real Madrid buys Eden Hazard for $100 million (which will later turn out to be even more) from Chelsea, the idea is that they have secured Cristiano Ronaldo’s heir.

And the Belgian, who also takes the number 7 shirt, signs a monstrous contract. Hazard is the only one to be included in the “Ballon d’Or” category of the Blancos and gets a deal worth 25.5 million euros per season until 2023. Given the results, it was not exactly a forward-looking choice by Real.

 Iniesta and KDB round out the Top Ten.

Rounding out the top 10 are two great midfielders, who have the same salary but are in decidedly different situations. The first is Andres Iniesta, who is enjoying life in Japan with his Vissel Kobe shirt.

The Illusionist decided to fly to the land of the rising sun in 2018, and he did so with an important deal that allows him to earn 23.6 million euros per season. How does the Japanese club allow them? Easy, there’s Rakuten, whose image man Don Andres has been for years, who lends a hand (and creates multimedia content for the 2010 world champion).

And finally, there is Kevin De Bruyne. The Belgian also earns 23.6 million euros a year at Manchester City, but his story is decidedly particular. The midfielder has in fact decided to fire his agent and manage the negotiations for the renewal of his contract on his own.

And he presented himself to the management with a series of reports and statistics to mathematically demonstrate (if needed) his centrality in Pep Guardiola’s team. Convincing arguments brought him a renewal worth its weight in gold!