The Fastest Hat-Tricks in the Top Five European Leagues in 2022/23

In the thrilling year of 2023, the football world has been graced with remarkable hat-tricks. One of these astonishing achievements was masterfully executed by none other than Karim Benzema. During a showdown between Real Madrid and Real Valladolid, which took place on the 27th matchday of the Spanish Liga, the talented French striker managed to net three goals in a mere seven minutes. This feat positions Benzema’s performance as the second fastest hat-trick of the 2022/23 season, exclusively within the top five European leagues.

  1. Erling Haaland: Manchester City Dominates Wolverhampton, 14 Minutes (Premier League)

Securing the fifth spot on our list is Erling Haaland, who showcased his exceptional skills in a match that saw Manchester City triumph over Wolverhampton. This exhilarating performance occurred on matchday 21 of the Premier League. Haaland’s hat-trick, achieved within 14 minutes, is a testament to his prowess on the field. The Norwegian striker’s goals were strategically placed, with the first arriving in the 40th minute, followed by a perfectly executed penalty in the 50th minute, and the final goal gracefully slotted in during the 54th minute.

  1. Wissam Ben Yedder: Monaco’s Victory Over Ajaccio, 14 Minutes (Ligue 1)

The fourth position belongs to the seasoned Wissam Ben Yedder, who has been demonstrating his exceptional skills during an impressive season with Monaco. Among his two notable hat-tricks this season, one stood out as an extraordinary achievement. This particular hat-trick was achieved in a match against Ajaccio, a game that unfolded during the 19th day of the championship. In a remarkable 7-1 victory, Ben Yedder’s captaincy shone through as he secured three crucial goals between the 21st and 35th minutes of the first half.

  1. Heung-Min Son: Tottenham’s Triumph over Leicester, 13 Minutes (Premier League)

Heung-Min Son, despite experiencing a somewhat subdued season compared to his previous performances, still managed to secure the third fastest hat-trick within the top five European leagues. This remarkable achievement was realized during the eighth matchday when Tottenham faced off against Leicester. The game remained deadlocked at 3-2 until the 74th minute, when Son took the stage with his first goal. He continued to shine by adding two more goals to his name in the 84th and 86th minutes.

  1. Karim Benzema: Real Madrid’s Domination of Real Valladolid, 7 Minutes (LaLiga)

None other than Karim Benzema, the captain of Real Madrid, claims the second spot on our list. Despite facing physical challenges that led to interruptions in his season, Benzema showcased his unwavering talent in a remarkable display against Real Valladolid on the 27th matchday of LaLiga. In a testament to his status as one of the world’s premier strikers, Benzema netted an impressive hat-trick within a mere seven minutes. The goals were seamlessly scored between the 29th and 36th minutes of the first half.

  1. Lois Openda: Record-Breaking Hat-Trick for Clermont Foot Against Lens, 5 Minutes (Ligue 1)

Topping our list is the remarkable feat achieved by Lois Openda during a match between Clermont Foot and Lens on the 27th day of Ligue 1. Openda’s blazing hat-trick unfolded in an astounding five minutes, setting a new standard for speed and precision. Not only does this achievement mark the fastest hat-trick within the top five European leagues for the 2022/23 season, but it also secures a prominent place among the fastest hat-tricks of the 21st century. Openda’s triumphant goals were perfectly scored between the 30th and 35th minutes of the match.


The 2022/23 football season has showcased a series of sensational hat-tricks that have left an indelible mark on the world of sports. From Erling Haaland’s clinical performance to Lois Openda’s record-breaking achievement, these remarkable displays of skill and talent have solidified the legacy of these exceptional athletes.