Last edition for CR7 and Messi?

The Best Soccer Players in the World. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Are we sure it will be the last edition for CR7 and Messi?

One of the questions that arises regarding the 2022 World Cup is closely linked to two of the most famous and loved footballers in the history of football: will those in Qatar be the last World Cup for Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo?

Yes, according to their identification cards. The Portuguese was born in 1985, while the Argentinas was born in 1987. And considering that at the next edition, that of 2026, they would be 41 and 39, respectively, it is not easy to imagine them still on the field.

  • The last dance for CR7 and Messi?
  • Qatar 2022 is the fifth World Cup for both
  • All of Ronaldo and Leo’s World Cup records
  • Only in Brazil in 2014 did the real Messi emerge.
  • CR7’s hat-trick against Spain in the 2018 Cup
  • The last time for many stars

The last dance for CR7 and Messi?

But, of course, there is a “but.” Cristiano Ronaldo was clear from this point of view: He is aiming at least for the 2024 European Championships, after which he will take stock to understand if his physical condition will allow him to hope to take part in the 2026 World Cup, which will take place in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. But if we take into consideration what happened during this edition, things get difficult.

Different story for Messi, who struggled with the national team before the World Cup and frequently considered leaving the Albiceleste. Winning the Copa America in 2021 reintroduced him to the world stage.

And it’s easier to imagine that La Pulce will retire from international football in the event of a victory in Qatar than if Argentina does not triumph.

Qatar 2022 is the fifth World Cup for both

For both champions, this is the fifth World Cup. Both Messi and Ronaldo made their debut on the world stage in the 2006 edition, then took part in those of 2010, 2014, and 2018.

Unfortunately for them, however, the World Cup is not on their resume, with Argentina losing the 2014 final against Germany in extra time and Portugal having the best result in the four editions with CR7 on the pitch. fourth place in 2006.

All of Ronaldo and Leo’s World Cup records

Strange to say, for two who have grinded record after record in their careers, the total of goals in the World Cup, prior to Qatar 2022, for Messi and Ronaldo is quite disappointing. Cristiano Ronaldo wins with seven goals to Lionel Messi’s six. And, given that Miroslav Klose holds the competition goal scoring record with 16, it is clear how far ahead he is.

As is the podium, given that the other Ronaldo, the Brazilian one, has 15 world cup goals, and Gerd Müller rounds out the top three with 13 goals.

Indeed, in hindsight, both Messi and Ronaldo have always had some difficulty doing well during the World Cup, to the point that a large part of their total goals came in a single edition.

Only in Brazil in 2014 did the real Messi emerge.

For the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, the year of grace was 2014, when he scored 4 of his 6 goals, all of them in the group stage: one against Bosnia, one against Iran, and two against Nigeria. It’s a shame, however, that La Pulce failed to score in the following matches, particularly in the World Cup final, where a goal could have meant the difference between winning and losing.

And speaking of running out of luck, the data concerning Messi is clear: in 2010, when he was the best in the world and was on fire with Barcelona, always the favorite, even in the year of the Nerazzurri treble, for the Champions League odds, the Argentine did not score a single goal at the World Cup, as he did in 2006 (against Serbia) and 2018 (against Nigeria).

CR7’s hat-trick against Spain in the 2018 Cup

The best edition for the Portuguese is instead that of 2018, when Portugal was eliminated in the round of 16, but Cristiano Ronaldo still managed to score four goals. Three of his four goals came in just one game, a 3-3 tie with Spain in the group stage.

The other CR7 goal was scored against Morocco, allowing his national team to win the match 1-0. But then he failed both against Iran and in the knockout match against Uruguay. Unlike Messi, however, Ronaldo has always scored at least once in all the editions in which he has participated: in 2006, he hit Iran; in 2010, North Korea; and in 2014, Ghana.

The last time for many stars

And even if for Messi and CR7 the one in Qatar is not the last world cup, it is very probable, at least according to the identity card, that other stars will end their careers with the national team in the Persian Gulf.

This should be the case for Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani, and Diego Godin in Uruguay, who will put an end to the Celeste cycle.

It is also possible that in Qatar there is the last chance for Manuel Neuer and Thomas Müller of Germany, favorites with their Bayern team to win the Champions League, for Karim Benzema, Hugo Lloris, and Olivier Giroud in France, for Sergio Ramos and Sergio Busquets in Spain, for Thiago Silva in Brazil, and for Luka Modric in Croatia.

Of course, unless these super champions, who already seem eternal, decide not to let time win!