Betrayal in Football Transfers: From Baggio to Donnarumma

There are a lot of arguments and problems in the football transfer market all the time. There are moves that happen late at night and moves that happen during the day. But these deals often make fans very angry, no matter when they happen. We head into the territory of big player departures, which is marked by choices to play for cross-town opponents or old rivals.

  • Baggio: The Fiorentina to Juventus Saga

One of the most infamous betrayals in football history was the transfer of Roberto Baggio. Until that moment, he was the symbol of Fiorentina, but he was sold to Juventus after the 1990 World Cup. This move started clashes between two sets of fans, despite a longstanding rivalry between the two clubs. The uproar peaked when the “Divine Ponytail” refused to take a penalty against Fiorentina in the league.

  • Ronaldo: Barcelona to Real Madrid

Initially, Ronaldo impressed at Barcelona before moving to Inter in 1997. However, injuries led to his departure to Real Madrid, a move that didn’t sit well with Barcelona supporters. Adding insult to injury, he transferred to Milan in 2007 and celebrated scoring against Inter in the derby. It was a true betrayal for the Blaugrana faithful.

  • Higuain: Napoli’s Heartbreak

Juventus stunned Napoli by triggering Higuain’s €90 million release clause. The Argentine striker didn’t hesitate to say yes to the Old Lady, a betrayal that still stings Napoli fans.

  • Pjanic: Roma to Juventus

Similar to Higuain, Juventus activated the release clause to acquire Miralem Pjanic from Roma. The Bosnian midfielder, renowned for his precise free kicks akin to Juninho Pernambucano, leaving the Giallorossi for the Bianconeri was a move for the Roman faithful.

  • Figo: The Barcelona to Real Madrid Shock

Luis Figo orchestrated a transfer deemed impossible – moving from Barcelona to Real Madrid. While €70 million sealed the deal, it left a gaping wound for the Catalans. Figo achieved significant success with “Los Blancos,” including winning the Ballon d’Or.

  • Tevez: United to City

Carlitos Tevez’s transfer from Manchester United to City sparked intense debate. After winning a Champions League with United, his clashes with Cristiano Ronaldo and Sir Alex Ferguson led him to join City in 2009 for €30 million, a move that stirred emotions on both sides of Manchester.

  • Mihajlovic: Roma to Lazio

Sinisa Mihajlovic’s betrayal came in 1998 when he left Roma for Lazio, becoming a pivotal figure for the Biancocelesti.

  • Capello: Roma to Juventus

Fabio Capello’s move to Juventus after five years at Roma shocked many, especially after his promise never to join the Turin-based club. It was a double blow for the Giallorossi, who also saw Emerson, their midfield star, depart for the Bianconeri.

  • Ganz: Inter to AC Milan

Maurizio Ganz’s move from Inter to the despised AC Milan in 1999, despite being hailed as a hero by the Nerazzurri faithful, contributed to the Rossoneri’s title triumph that year.

  • Donnarumma: AC Milan’s Disappointment

The freshest betrayal occurred yesterday, as young Donnarumma refused to renew his contract with AC Milan.

In the intricate world of football transfers, loyalty often takes a backseat to ambition and financial gain. While these moves may bring success to the players and their new clubs, they leave behind scars that linger in the hearts of betrayed fans.