All-Time F1 Wins Chart: Ranking the Greatest F1 Drivers of All Time

The world of Formula 1 has produced a large number of exceptionally talented racecar drivers, some of whom have gone on to become true icons of the sport. These drivers have made an unmistakable impact on the records of motorsports history, whether it be for their outstanding abilities behind the wheel or for their exceptional single-seater accomplishments. In this article, we’ll look at the list of all Formula 1 victories, with a particular emphasis on the incredible vehicles driven by illustrious drivers like Ferrari, Mercedes, and McLaren, among others.

The F1 All-Time Wins Chart: Who’s Leading the Race?

Let’s start with the all-time Formula 1 victories table, which lists the drivers with the most triumphs in the Grands Prix. Below are the top ten drivers and the number of their wins:

  1. Lewis Hamilton: 103 wins
  2. Michael Schumacher: 91 wins
  3. Sebastian Vettel: 53 wins
  4. Alain Prost: 51 wins
  5. Ayrton Senna: 41 wins
  6. Max Verstappen: 37 wins
  7. Fernando Alonso: 32 wins
  8. Nigel Mansell: 31 wins
  9. Jackie Stewart: 27 wins
  10. Niki Lauda: 25 wins

Lewis Hamilton, the All-Time F1 Wins Leader

Lewis Hamilton is the Formula 1 driver with the most victories in the sport’s history. The British driver, who has raced for both McLaren and Mercedes, has a total of seven world titles, equaling Michael Schumacher’s record, which had stood since 2004. Hamilton has been especially successful with Mercedes, which is led by Toto Wolff. Together, they have smashed through the incredible wall of 100 Grand Prix victories, a figure that is unlikely to be matched anytime soon.

Schumacher and Vettel: Two Greats on the Podium

It is impossible for Michael Schumacher, the driver with the most world titles in the history of Formula One, to finish anywhere other than on the third position of the podium. The German race car driver finished his career with 91 victories, establishing indelible chapters of history for Ferrari and the enthusiasts that support the brand. However, not all of Schumacher’s victories came with Ferrari; he also won a lot with Benetton, which is where he won his first two world titles. Schumacher won the majority of his races during his time with Benetton.

Another German driver who has competed for Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel, is also on the podium, with 53 victories to his name throughout the course of his career. In spite of the fact that he has a sizable following at Ferrari, Vettel won the bulk of these races while competing for Red Bull. The previous record for most victories in a single season was held by Alain Prost, but he has surpassed that with his record of 13, which is tied with Michael Schumacher’s record from 2004.

Max Verstappen: A Record-Breaker in the Making

Max Verstappen, a Dutch driver, is one of the most talented drivers to ever get behind the wheel of an F1 car. By winning 15 Grand Prix races in the incredible year 2022, he surpassed Schumacher and Vettel’s previous record for victories in a single season. Verstappen’s first win came at the age of 18 years, 7 months, and 15 days, making him the youngest winner of an F1 race. Last year, he beat out his competitors, including Ferrari, with his RB18 to achieve a remarkable 15 wins in just a few months.

Verstappen has already won two world titles with Red Bull and is likely to go down in history as one of the greatest drivers of all time. He is currently in sixth place on the all-time F1 wins chart and has the potential to catch up with Ayrton Senna this season. It’s possible that he could get very close to, if not surpass, Alain Prost. A lot will depend on his car, his work with the team, and how much the opponents will be able to put him in difficulty.