5 things you need to know about eSports

5 things you need to know about eSports

5 things you need to know about eSports

Are you wondering what eSports are?

“Electronic sports” are activities that involve videogames and are done well enough to compete professionally.These activities are referred to as “electronic sports.” Esports competitions have been going on since the 1970s, but it has only been relatively recently that they have started to receive the same level of global coverage as conventional athletic events.

Are you curious about the enigmas that surround eSports as well as the oddities associated with them?  Here are the five most significant considerations that you absolutely cannot ignore!

The birth of eSports competitions

In 1972, the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Labs organized and hosted the first championship of its kind. 10,000 people participated in the first LAN tournament, which was held at Stanford Labs. The tournament featured a computer network that was able to connect different computers, and the prize fund was $5,000. At the beginning of the 1970s, the race was a huge triumph thanks to the incredible number of participants and spectators.

The game categories present among eSports
Only a select few genres of video games are suitable for competitive play, and those that are suitable can be broken down further into subgenres. These subgenres include real-time strategy video games, first-person shooters, vehicle simulations, sports games, and many others. Some of the most well-known eSports competitions and the ones with the biggest prize pools take place in the multiplayer online battle arena category. One such competition, Dota 2, boasted a record-breaking prize pool of $30 million. In addition, first-person shooters have leagues that are extremely popular and have a fan base all over the globe.




The characteristics of the winners
To become a champion, it’s not enough to be good at games and have a natural talent for them. You have to practice every day. Workouts, like sports, typically begin at a very early age and call for a level of perseverance that exceeds that of a typical hobby. Players who want to stay at the top of their game have strict diets and work out every day to avoid injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis, which are the worst things that can happen to a player.

The eSports audience
In 2019, the esports audience grew to 453 million active users. This includes both the live viewership for the esports race finals as well as the audience that conveniently follows the events via streaming. A considerable number of fans that are slowly reaching the volumes of traditional sports. Fans have spent a lot more time playing video games since the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown. In fact, the number of eSports fans has grown by 33% since then. In short, a rapidly growing trend,

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